How Marketing Automation Improves Sales And Revenue For Your Business


Marketing Automation

Content providers, publishers and other businesses are looking to tap into areas that will grow their business in the long run. Marketing automation is a way forward for most prominent players in various fields across the world. According to a study, “78% of successful marketers say marketing automation systems are most responsible for improving revenue contribution.” Depending on the nature of the field, the goal is to increase revenue across the board. Book Publishers want to sell more books, news organizations want to sell more newspapers and others just want to sell more products.

Here are the main things that marketing automation will address for your business:-

  • Email Marketing
  • Personalized Landing Pages/Content Personalization
  • Cross-channel marketing
  • Lead Generation/Lead Scoring
  • Segmentation
  • Measuring ROI
  • Website Optimization
  • Up-selling
  • Cross-selling

Marketing automation is about going directly to the customers. It’s all about getting content or products into the hands of the consumers and making sure more come back.. Here’s how marketing automation can achieve just that. In a sense, it is revenue generation on auto-pilot.

Let’s take a look how companies are improving their sales and revenue

  • Enhanced Targeting – Think of this as a way to make full use of the marketing automation platform (map) that you have at your disposal. You can target your messages based on interest, stage of the sales cycle, location, and more. This ensures that your messages are always applicable, and enhances the chances that prospects will reach back out to you in the future.
  • Prospect Tracking – With detailed prospect tracking and analytics, where your prospects are in the sales cycle is never a mystery. Knowing what prospects are engaging with, as well as what they’re not engaging with, can tell you what they’re interested in and what their pain points are. Conversions are based on the leads that have been achieved through this system. More so, the conversations will be personalized for a greater return.
  • Creating a Link – For book publishers or content providers, marketing automation offers a way to bridge the gap between them and readers. For instance, some publishers are using an in-book marketing tool that provides dynamic book recommendations to the reader. For instance, while the user is reading the book, title-links occur in between with links to the recommended titles. This dynamic form of marketing can even provide book previews of those titles on optimized landing pages.
  • Lead Database – Without a marketing automation system, a majority of the people who go to your website will continue to be anonymous visitors. It allows you to build a competitive consumer database. This makes for superior marketing automation strategy planning. The information gathered will then be passed to the sales team for a follow-up.
  • Better Actionable Metrics – With marketing automation, the focus shifts away from vanity metrics like shares, click-through rates, and cost per click, and instead sheds some light on more powerful statistics like cost per lead, cost per opportunity, and the number of leads and opportunities in the sales pipeline. By tracking data that impacts your bottom line; you can tie campaigns back to closed new business and ensure that your marketing dollars are going to the right place.
  • Cuts Down on Costs – Marketing automation offers businesses the ability to cut costs across the board. It’s an all-in-one platform. Even social media marketing can be conducted through these platforms. It’s simplifying operational processes across the board. It can keep track of daily trends and sales, real-time performance monitory, create automatic landing pages whilst making the operation more market oriented than ever before.

Marketing automation has become essential tool to businesses everywhere. Like most tools, it has to be used wisely and effectively. Results will take time but they will happen. Patience is a key virtue that will aid in it becoming a dominant force worldwide.