10 Ways To Achieve Student Success


10 Ways to Achieve Student Success

In today’s competitive arena, students are looking for new ways to develop their skills and achieve greater success in an ever-competitive world. Standardized Testing has only helped to a certain degree in the development of students as they are looking for a better was to improve their overall knowledge and mastery of subjects. Competency-Based Education (CBE) offers a pathway towards continued student success in the world of education.

Here are the 10 ways that CBE is providing a path towards continued student success.

  • Student-Centered Learning – For a CBE centered platform, one of its key aspects is that it promotes student-centered learning. As the students have to ensure mastery of their skills, they’re hard-pressed to achieve that on a regular basis. Moreover, CBE measure learning rather than time. Students can learn at their own pace with more emphasis on the subject that they’re interested in.
  • Harness Technology – Some of the greatest accomplishments have been the advances in technology, especially in personalized tech. Whether its smartphones or mp3 players or even laptops, in education, technology has helped students drive their thirst for knowledge in more ways than one. Personalized learning programs like CBE provide automatic-Item generated questions that ensure students get the full scope of the subject matter. Think of it as a form of smart testing that fosters student development in the long run.
  • Teacher-Student Relationship – Another aspect that CBE provides that it better connects the teacher to the students. Fostering the teacher-student relationship is an important factor of the learning experience. Teachers will have more time to focus on the students that need more attention than the ones that need it less. Competency-based learning shifts the role of the teachers from that of “a sage on the stage” to a “guide on the side.”
  • Assess Your Learning – Adaptive learning provides an avenue for students to assess their skills in the proposed subject they wish to succeed at. These learning analytics provide a conduit for their learning development, which will lead to greater returns. Moreover, once the competency has been completed, these learning analytics exhibit a student’s actual ability in the material.
  • Flexibility – One of the key points of CBE is that it is flexible and can fast-track students to achieving a college degree much faster. Another added advantage of this is makes students to perform better than they would in a standard 4 year college degree. The competencies associated with any degree are difficult and students have to work hard to demonstrate their mastery over the subject matter.
  • Defining Assessments – Part of any CBE program is to define reliable and valid assessments. This gives students ownership over the material. With any given input, students can apply their knowledge in a robust method. Rather than a stand-alone letter grade on a transcript, colleges would instead provide detailed information regarding standards, benchmarks, and the specific competencies a student successfully demonstrated during their studies.
  • Deepening Academic Disciplines – In a recent AACU Report, 93 percent say that, “a demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than [a candidate’s] undergraduate major.” Students will be able to focus on the important areas that matter and be able to develop their overall professional development.
  • Real-Time Response – In a computerized adaptive learning CBE format, students will get a clear idea of what they have achieved in real time. The questions could get harder as the students progress in the module. In essence, students will gain more knowledge as they achieve competency in the subject.
  • Real-World applications – CBE provides students the ability to use the knowledge they gain in these programs and apply it to the real world. One of the main aspects of a CBE program is the students’ ability to solve complex problems. This is really on the main indicators to achieve student success. It’s the ability to tackle actual events in the real world.
  • More Productivity – Students who undertake a CBE learning program will be more productive. By focusing on the important areas, they can spend more time being productive. The data produced by adaptive learning tech allows faculty to steer those conversations in the directions most important to helping the student succeed. This is helpful to employers who are looking for potential employees who are extremely productive.


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