How CBE Helps Students Prepare For The Workforce


How CBE Helps Students Prepare for the Workforce

In an ever-evolving job market, more employers are looking for people who have the right skills to join their team. Transcripts have historically been the official record for what a student has learned in college, but do not provide the details employers need such as, what a student knows and can do on the job. To put it in general terms, what competency-based education (CBE) does is teach students real-world skills that they will need to survive in the real world.

According to a study that was conducted by Express Employment Professionals with various businesses, companies have listed the various problems that cause businesses to fail:-

  • The inability to be innovative
  • Losing competitive dominance
  • The high costs of reckless hiring
  • Poor leadership and communication
  • Regulatory nightmares

Employers need competent and creative people to solve problems and communicate in an effective manner. Personalized learning educational models like CBE foster the development of higher order critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, and communication skills.

So why do employers love CBE?

  • Better Insights – CBE learning programs offer better insights in what students can do in a job-related environment. Imagine CBE as a composite of several different modules with each module addressing a different skill set. Each module will provide a clear understanding of whether the student has mastered that particular expertise. Employers are looking for employees who have the right know-how that will prove useful to their company. More importantly, employers can use the CBE results as evidence of a potential employee’s worth to the company as the student would have demonstrated their ability in that particular area.
  • Reduced Training Time – One of the most important parts of any organization or business is job training. Especially with students straight out of college, having effective job training is an important part of new employees joining a large corporation. But at times, because of a variety of variables, the training is subpar and it doesn’t get the desired results it needs. For some businesses in the United States, the total loss to a business from ineffective training is $ 13.5 Million per 1000 employees. This stunning amount is one of the reasons why some businesses are seriously looking at CBE as an alternate way of reducing training time as well as costs. Due to the model needing the student to demonstrate a mastery over the skill-set, the employer will certainly spend less time on that employee once they have been hired.
  • Competent Learners – Competency-based Learning comes down to competency. Moreover, it promotes efficiency. One of the great advantages of this next-gen learning program is the dynamic testing ability of the system. Students can accelerate through a CBE degree program by receiving credit through pathways like third-party assessment of prior learning. Because of the dynamic nature of the program, it’s not a stretch to say that students are improved in terms of productivity as well as enhanced ability to discern what needs to be done, to achieve high levels of output. In short, a competent employee is a productive employee.
  • Adaptability – In any company, one of the major concerns that needs to be addressed are personality clashes. In a CBE program, this tends to be a non-issue as the personalized learning system influences the teaching and learning process to a large degree. But due to the changing nature of having different instructors for different models, they have to adjust to the teacher’s learning method. The modules are also designed differently which again demonstrates adaptability. Employers find this to be a great benefit on hiring new employees.
  • Fast-Paced Learning – Most candidates are put through the grinder in CBE. But it’s also flexible. Students can accelerate through a CBE degree program by receiving credit through pathways like third-party assessment of prior learning. In the case of adult students, they can return to the workforce once they have the learnt the skills necessary to advance to the next level at their job. The well-rounded curriculum complete with learning analytics will show not only that the student has mastered the skills, but also an ability to increase work productivity and advance the earnings of the company.

CBE is breaking down barriers and also providing assistance to students who enter the workforce. The future is already here and it’s time to embrace it.