Benefits Of Mobile Learning



In the digital age, there is a need to bridge the technology gap in an “information society.” For education or training, people are getting their information remotely. As technology evolves, people are more likely to embrace mobile learning.

What is mobile learning? Simply put, Mobile Learning or M-Learning is learning or education across multiple platforms.  It’s a form of distance education where users can use their mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to educate themselves at their own convenience.

Some educational institutions have started to embrace this form of learning. In the corporate world, there is a need to adapt to changing attitudes in the workplace. More and more corporate employees are flying overseas for conferences, meetings and other work-related activities. According to a recent survey by PwC, international assignment levels have increased 25 percent over the last decade, and could see another 50 percent growth by 2020. A mobile workplace has taken shape all over the world. Employees have to be trained to deal with the various problems they will encounter in an ever-changing business environment.

The employee in 2016 is more mobile than in prior generations. According to Simon Causto of Forbes, “employees are not at their desk, roughly 50 to 60 percent of the scheduled workday.” The modern-day worker has transformed into a flexi worker. This will continue to rise in the future as more jobs become dynamic in their operation across the world. Today, a corporate eLearning culture has emerged with more employees working off mobile devices.  In another study, it’s estimated that the mobile learning industry will be worth 70 Billion dollars by 2020. Therefore, it’s looking more likely that corporations will embrace more mobile learning for training and assessing their employees.

Benefits of Mobile Learning

  • Flexibility – One of the greatest advantages mobile learners have is the flexibility of the format. Mobile learners can access the training or educational modules remotely from anywhere in the world. It eliminates the need to be on-site to receive training or change their work schedules to complete a required training session.
  • Boosts Retention Rates – When it comes to corporate training, training via desktops or through one-on-one meetings tend to be tedious and unproductive. Mobile learning is growing into one of the largest platforms for eLearning solutions.  The dynamics of a mobile learning provides a productive environment for the employee or user to learn and retain more information.
  • Spurs Self-paced Learning Culture – In the new ‘instant culture’ environment, people are always on the move. In a corporate environment, the ‘anywhere access’ dynamic of this technology fit in perfectly with the setting. Most people are interested in learning at their own pace. Mobile learning affords that kind of environment, which is a huge benefit to users everywhere.
  • Multi-Dimensional Content – The content is multi-dimensional as it incorporates videos, interactive content as well as catering to local languages. Students or learners are able to engage far more with the subject.
  • Cost-Effective – Like every other business enterprise, they’re always looking to cut costs across the board. A mobile learning management system will take expenses spent on training employees down to a great degree. Businesses will no longer need to send their HR personnel to travel to various corporate locations, spend money on printed training collaterals or use precious work hours to book employees for their training sessions.

In the current work atmosphere, businesses must provide solutions to meet demands of their employees that require much greater flexibility and work-life balance.