Publishing Trends To Watch Out For In 2017



Publishing has always been undergoing changes and publishers around the world need to stay ahead of the game. Digital Publishing Service Providers would like to be part of those ongoing changes that will occur in 2017.

So what are the publishing trends to watch out for in 2017?

  • More investment in mobile platforms – People are more invested in mobile platforms. It’s just a matter of fact that mobile consumption drives content. With people using more smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, it makes sense for publishers to invest in such items. This is part of the ‘instant’ culture that people have found themselves in with the advent of technology. Here in lies the future of the publishing industry. In the years to come, there will be more of a trend towards short form publishing. It’s not necessarily true that books or eBooks will be obsolete. Mobile content is becoming more prevalent. According to a recent study in 2016, users who spend time on mobile apps versus desktop browsers has risen by 60% while the latter has stayed at around 35%. So look towards more mobile content in the coming year.
  • More Audiobooks –Like mobile content, there is been more need for audio books. It’s a combination of factors that include a changing attitude, people becoming more mobile as well as shifting content ingestion patterns. According to Jennifer Maloney of the Wall Street Journal, “audiobooks are the fastest-growing format in the book business today. Sales in the U.S. and Canada jumped 21% in 2015 from the previous year, according to the Audio Publishers Association.” It makes sense that this will continue to grow in 2017. So, there will a sharp trend in this direction.
  • Lesser Bookstores – Like the dinosaurs, bookstores are a dying species. With the advent of technology in terms of distribution, people don’t go to the bookstores as they once did. It’s more cost-effective to have books at their doorstep than to drive to a bookstore. Sure, there’s a joy of going though books at your local book store but people just don’t have the time anymore. So, the publishing industry could take advantage of this by setting up a distribution model. So, anything is possible.
  • Subscriptions – Thanks to Netflix, people like to just subscribe to their material. Netflix changed the rental model and the digital publishing industry has learnt from that. Sites like Bookfree and Kindle Unlimited are offering that right now. So, by taking advantage of this, publishers could invest in mobile learning as a subscription service. More people are learning on mobile devices than through traditional methods.

There is more to the future of publishing. It depends on technology and investment. So, it should be interesting what other things pop up in 2017.