eBooks Vs. Audiobooks



Innovation has been driving the publishing industry for several years. From print to digital to interactive and even virtual reality, publishers and publishing service providers have continually tried to push the envelope. In 2016, the world has turned to what some people refer to as ‘instant culture.’ The public wants things instantly. Technology has advanced in the last 15 years, culminating in a digital era.  In recent times, consumers have strongly moved towards both eBooks as well as audiobooks.  Now, every individual is very different in their taste. Both innovative forms have their pros and cons. It’s easy to take one side but that is not the point of this blog. It’s a matter of looking at how both forms appeal to the wider market.  Let’s take a look at the benefits of both mediums.

Benefits of EBooks

  • Environment factor – eBooks have taken precedence in regards to the environment. They can reduce the overall carbon footprint.
  • Storage – Simply put, one e-reader can have over a 1000 books at any given time. It saves up on storage space, with all the books you need on one platform. Its compact nature allows for an easy-going travel experience as well.
  • Classroom – With eBooks, one of the major advantages that it can be designed to have an interactive nature. Especially for children, it’s proven to be a useful educational tool. With the advancement of internet technology, more classrooms have more access to the internet than ever before. According to a recent study, the percentage of K-12 classrooms with Internet access has increased from 55% in 1999 to 98% in 2016 and 45% of elementary school teachers use computers during in-class instruction. So interactive eBooks are certainly having an impact on the education format. K-4 Read Aloud Books, mathematics and science have been adapted to eBooks for educational uses.
  • Research Tool – Like everything in the digital age, it’s quick, fast and easy-to-use. It even makes research easier with its ability to create and then easily display archived notes, looks up words at a moment’s notice and allows easy search of related topics. Listening to audiobooks doesn’t really allow for that.

Benefit of Audiobooks

  • Entertainment factor – Audiobooks bring something to the table that is remarkable and that it can hire actors like Benedict Cumberbatch to narrate a very popular title. It’s a great marketing tool and is verified to be enticing to many consumers.
  • Language Trainer – Another factor that audiobooks have is its educational factor. It’s readily available in multiple languages. Listening books, as some like to call them, allow people to learn numerous languages. This use goes as far back as the 1980’s with audio cassettes were used in American classrooms to learn Spanish. Now, with advances in technology, it’s being used in countries around the world to learn English.
  • Mobile – Thanks to smartphones and improvements in digital storage, audiobooks have garnered interest from the working public. With audiobook apps easily available, they can be listened to at any time in any place.
  • Convenience – Depending on the nature of the individual, it allows the person to multi-task as they see fit.

It’s not a matter of Audiobooks vs. eBooks. It’s matter of seeing of what is going to work for the customer.  It comes down to the individual choice and how to choose to consume each medium. It’s not plausible to see that one is better than the other. The choice is yours.