Publishing and the World of E-Commerce


e Publishing

Publishing has always been looking for new areas to generate revenue. News magazines sites like Gawker and Business Insider have invested in creating commercial minded content. Essentially, data is defining the way they generate news stories. According to Lucia Moses of, “Business Insider got into e-commerce in late 2014 and now has four people writing seven posts a day, with plans to hire at least two more; one recent best-seller they wrote about was an MBA condensed into an online course. Breton Fischetti, BI’s head of commerce, wouldn’t quantify the business, but said commerce revenue was up 400 percent in the first quarter of 2016 versus the year-ago quarter. A good post can generate ‘hundreds or thousands of orders,’ Fischetti said.” So, there is such as a thing as an E-Commerce publishing system.

So, the question is what can leading publishers from around the world learn from retailers in E-commerce?

  1. Hire an Excellent Editorial Staff – A lot of publishers are adding very qualified editorial staff members aimed at driving content. In this world, the more readers you have, the more customers you will get to sell to. Your editorial team is going to consists of several writers, a lead writer/editor, a couple of designers and a SEO professional helping drive the content that will be marketable to the public at large. A good blog post could generate several large amounts of revenue.
  2. Sensible Products – There are several products available in the market that people could use for everyday use. It could range from mops to mattresses to computer accessories. It highly depends on the type of products you’re willing to sell to customers when they read through your site. This is where an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professional will come in handy to tell you what products are getting the most hits and what is exactly selling well on a regular basis.
  3. Be Trusted – When you’re selling to consumers via affiliate marketing, it’s important not to be recognized as a company that is just trying to sell to you. In the World Wide Web, It’s referred to as ‘click bait.’ It’s similar to a ‘used car’ salesman trying to sell you a beaten down vehicle. It just puts a bad taste in the mouth of the consumer. So how can publishers overcome a situation like that? The most basic answer to this is to shore up your brand. For instance, if you have a blog that is covering the 30 best cell phone accessories to have, it should cover that area of expertise for at least a week. In that time, you could have links that are a part of the cell phone industry. Also, a good designer will be help in making sure these links are well parsed throughout. It’s about using good creative content to generate revenue.
  4. Subscription Model – Most E-Commerce Solutions companies have something most publishers are not doing and that is the subscription model. Publishers could use content to sell more subscriptions to potential clients using dynamic interfaces. The possibilities are endless.

E-Commerce in publishing has become more prevalent and will continue to grow in the years to come.