Press Release

Press Release


Lumina Datamatics Launched Four Innovative Products at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

Lumina Datamatics unveiled four new publishing solutions at Booth K101, Hall 4.2, Frankfurt Book Fair 2015. Keeping in mind the fierce global competitive environment, Lumina Datamatics has built solutions that could help publishers boost revenue, save time and money, and deliver more content in less time.

RightsPlatform is a revolutionary product with an e-commerce interface that enables publishers to monetize their digital assets. Publishers can buy, sell, review, and manage the rights of their digital assets, such as text, diagrams, graphs, images, and more.

CAPS is a cloud-based Authoring and Publishing Solution that helps publishers efficiently create & design complex content and deliver across print, online, and digital channels.

Expert Source II is a global controlled sourcing platform that connects publishers with experienced professionals who can deliver high-quality work within a short turnaround time.

Adaptive Datamatics is a suite of sophisticated adaptive assessments & advanced analytics solutions that help publishers make smarter, data-driven decisions.

From 14th to 18th October at FBF15, experts from Lumina Datamatics will be conducting short presentations on each product and answering queries.

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Key participants from Lumina Datamatics:

gordon-laws krishna-new
Gordon Laws,
SVP – Content Delivery (Education and Academic)
Krishna Tewari, Executive Director
prasanth thomas
Prashant Narekuli,
Head – Europe Sales and Business Development
Thomas Weerth,
Sales and Account Manager

About Lumina Datamatics

Lumina Datamatics is a trusted partner of several Fortune 500 companies in the global publishing industry. Our gamut of Content, Analytics, Workflow and Portal products and services help Education, Legal, STM, and Trade publishers boost revenue, enhance efficiency, and reduce time to market. Lumina Datamatics has a geographically diverse portfolio with a footprint across four continents—Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe.