Your Books Should First Be Seen To Be Bought!

Your Books Should First Be Seen To Be Bought!


Today, in the era of the Internet and social media, every single user is a publisher. Everyone in the www world generates content and adds their part to the vast content ocean. Be it text, images or videos, the dependency to get content published is no more on publishers. So you are competing with publishing houses, self-publishing authors, and to add to the melee are Internet users.

As a publisher, the success of your book depends on its sales. But a single book in this entire content pool is like a tiny drop in the ocean. No matter how good your content is or how informative and interesting it is, it should be visible to your potential reader first. Otherwise what good will it be if your book is thousands of feet deep in the ocean, while the reader is merely staring at waves on the surface?

Yes, your content must be discoverable. The discoverability of your content is the key to your success.

Get the Basics Right

There are various means through which you could increase your content discoverability. One way is to get the fundamentals straight. By fundamentals, I refer to metadata. Whether it is a hardcopy or in XML format or an ebook, your metadata has to be perfect. You need to get the address right on an envelope to get it delivered to the right person. And the more details you provide, the easier it is to find.

So make your metadata set complete and as extensive as possible.  Do not treat the optional metadata elements as optional. Make it mandatory in your metadata dictionary. Optional fields like excerpts, reviews, cover images, author bio play a major role in your discoverability.

Today, almost 95% of publishers outsource their ebooks or mark up production, and it is very important to choose a partner who understands the significance of metadata. Have a look at BISG’s Best Practices for metadata.

Just the Basics won’t Get You There!

Getting the basics right is the very first step to increasing your discoverability. You also need to sell your products with accessories to make them more attractive and discoverable. Bells and whistles always help. So while your production and editorial teams have played their role in getting the basics right, your marketing team needs to make sure that your potential buyer hears more about your books.

Humans have indeed become social animals today, connected at all times by various networking sites. So you need to use social media effectively to increase the visibility of your books. Get your marketing engine cranking on the social media front so that you leave a picture of your book in the minds of your potential buyers.

Spray and Pray Does Not Work

While it is true that you need to promote your book through social media, just spraying the news everywhere and praying that your readers will buy them won’t work. You need to monitor and measure the success of your campaigns and analyze user data to channelize your efforts to the right path.

Analytics plays a major role in driving targeted promotions. With various big data and predictive analytics technologies, it is much easier to identify your focus areas and make informed business decisions.

All Four Quarters Will Get You There

To achieve superior results, you need the support from all quarters. Your production team along with your trusted supplier that understand the basics, your technology team that hosts the content, your marketing team that carries out promotions & campaigns, and the customer service team that delivers the right user experience – all four teams need to work in tandem to get you to that position where making a sale is smooth sailing.