Publishers, Redirect your Spotlight!

Publishers, Redirect your Spotlight!


The fast-paced and dynamic digital revolution has taken the publishing industry by storm, catching publishers unawares. The rise of digital publishing has increased the expectations of readers, who are looking for high-quality content delivered to any device, anytime.

As the usual content delivery system has undergone a sea change, it has encouraged several individuals and companies to publish content on a large scale. To survive and succeed in such a competitive environment is difficult, but not impossible.

Here are a few key areas you need to focus on to stay ahead of the game:

Become a Mobile Master

The rise of smartphones, phablets and tablets has increased the thirst for information and sharing. Your readers want instant updates on everything, be it news, fashion tips, list of bestsellers, restaurant reviews, etc. As a publisher, you need to find out means of distributing and marketing your content to multiple platforms, without compromising on the quality. Interact with your target audience through engaging mobile apps that allow them to instantly receive and share updates. They should be able to customize the way they view the content, which includes zooming in, highlighting words or sentences, changing the background, changing the font type and size, and more.

Become more sociable

Your readers are very much active on social media, making it an ideal medium of communication. Social media networks such as Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are not only a great way to promote your content, but also a way to connect with your readers. The more social you are, higher is your visibility and branding. Through social media, you can bridge the gap between your authors and their fans to create a loyal customer base. Take, for instance, the example of John Green, whose social media promotion for the book, “The Fault in our Stars” became a bestseller before it was published.

Paperless Books

We cannot discuss new methods of content delivery without giving e-books a special mention. Readers are increasingly turning towards e-books because of their advantages – relatively inexpensive, easy accessibility, easy to store, easy to share, and customizable. E-books open up new vistas for publishers, as they surpass geographical boundaries. However, it is crucial for you to create and distribute e-books that are compatible with various devices and formats. Readers expect high quality, which means you need to ensure there are no grammatical or factual errors or typos during conversion. You can create interactive e-books to engage your readers or help them easily learn concepts.

Big on Data

Everyone is looking to harness big data and analytics, and for good reason. Collecting, organizing and structuring all the data available from various sources will help you know your reader. Once you understand the age, gender, interests, preferred genres, and buying patterns of your reader, you can deliver content that is relevant to them. The chances of such personalized content working in your favor are higher as compared to general content. Besides, big data also enables you to make editorial decisions that have the potential to increase ROI.

The IT Factor

Technology has the power to speed up your publishing process, reduce downtime, and overall, improve operational efficiency. Several tools and automated workflow solutions are available to streamline your end-to-end publishing process and improve your time-to-market. With the help of technology, you can also track and monitor processes to check for bottlenecks and hindrances. So, embrace technology and develop proprietary, customized software to increase your profit margins and succeed in the digital age.